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You're Qualified, but you Lack Interview Skills

Learn how you can turn applications into interviews, interviews into offers, and offers into more money. 



Master Interview Skills

Interview Prep Secrets is a course that was developed by one of the top global recruitment agencies, Focus GTS. Learn from the founders how to master your interview skills and sell yourself to potential employers.

How To Take Control

Learn how to take control of the interview and turn the tables. Get the outcome you want.

How To Negotiate

Increase you salary up to 20% by using our sales tactics. 

How To Follow Up

Get the exact phone and email scripts to follow up with after an interview. Get the hiring manager thinking twice. 

Learn Everything You Can from the Leaders of a Top Recruitment Agency

Working in a niche IT industry, the CEO and COO have trained even the most technical candidates on taking control of the interview and impressing hiring managers.

Meet the Experts

Over the course of 10 years, Brittany and Dave Fox have coached 1,000s of job seekers through the interview process and helped them land job offers. As the founders of the recruitment company Focus GTS, they speak to hiring managers every day and have learned what it takes to win them over. 

 Now, they have compiled all of their knowledge into this course to help you walk into any interview with confidence. Join Brittany and Dave as they share their best interview tips, so that you can get the offer of your dreams.


Money Back Guarantee

Interview Prep Secrets will increase your chances of getting a job offer — It's our promise. If you're not blown away by the content of the Interview Prep Secrets course, we will give 100% of your money back.

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